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Wahoo Wire Weekly Rankings 5/1

At number 5, it's Oscar Robertson“The Greatest Ever.”  That phrase gets thrown around a lot in our society, especially in sports.  Everyone always wants to know if what they just saw was the best there ever was…and it rarely is.  When I started thinking about what to do for a Top 10 to christen the new website, I immediately thought, “what about the Top 10 College Basketball Players?”  Needless to say, this is an impossible task.  How do you value one position over the other?  What about guys who did not dominate stat sheets but influenced games with their mere presence?  Are we counting subsequent NBA success?  Basically, there are two many grading options.  So what I’ve decided to do is build a College Hoops Fantasy Team.  If you could have 12 guys from through the ages on your team, who would they be?  I’ll give the position and the merits of why I chose them…but remember, this is college basketball; no consideration will be made because of NBA success later on.  So, (deep breath) here we go.

Starting Five

PG: Oscar Robertson (Cincinnati)

Oscar was an all-around player.  He is number three in the 2,000 points and 1,000 rebounds club (just missed 3,000 points), had 79 double-doubles in his career (33 in a row), and also managed to find the time to occasionally dish the ball.

SG: Pete Maravich (LSU)

Pistol Pete = absolute scoring machine.  It is unfathomable how many points he had in his three years: 3,667 to be exact.  The next closest is only 418 points off of that.  He holds that record, as well as for points in a season (1,381), games scoring at least 50 points in both a career and season (28 and 10 respectively plus four games over 60 points), and free throws in a career (893 in three years).  Oh, and did I mention there was no three point line?  That means add on like another 1,000 points for him because he had a lot of shots from downtown.

SF: Larry Bird (Indiana State)

The Basketball Jesus needs to be on this team.  He’s number six in the 2,000/1,000 club, was one of the deadliest college shooters ever, and he led an absolutely crappy college to the national championship game…that counts for something.

PF: Tim Duncan (Wake Forest)

Traditionally he plays center, but when you have the guy we’ve got, you can afford to slide him down (The Spurs managed to do it, so why can’t I?).  Timmy is the NCAA career leader in double-doubles with 87, third all time in blocked shots, and a member of the 2,000/1,000 club…not bad for a Deacon.

C: David Robinson (Navy)

The Admiral gets the nod here with a studly 2,669 points and 1,314 rebounds in his career.  He also had four triple-doubles, 74 double-doubles, and averaged over five blocks per game for his career…the best all around numbers from a center in college hoops.  So, I’d say he’s decorated enough for this spot.


Ralph Sampson (Virginia)

Maybe a little bit of bias here, but the patron of Virginia hoops is second in all-time double-doubles with 84, and was three time National Player of the Year.  And don’t argue that Ewing should be here instead…Ralph owned Ewing.

Bobby Hurley (Duke)

The man dropped dimes like they were on fire.  The NCAA career assist leader with 1,076 doesn’t really need to score on this team…just give the scorers the ball.

Jason Kidd (Cal)

It seems weird to watch the present day Jason Kidd…he isn’t as fast or reliable with the shot as he used to be.  But his days in California were quite the opposite.  Kidd had four triple doubles in his career…for a point guard in college, that’s just a little silly.

Danny Manning (Kansas)

A college hoops wunderkind of the late 80′s, Manning has more career points and rebounds than Larry Legend and is the career leader in games scoring in double figures (132).

Bill Russell (San Francisco)

The always classy, always effective Russell was the first truly dominant big man in both college and the pros.  He led the San Francisco Dons to a couple national titles and is a member of the highly exclusive 20/20 club: career averages of 20+ points and 20+ rebounds…and looks freakishly like Kevin Garnett in that photo…yikes.

JJ Redick (Duke)

Say what you want about JJ, but he could shoot.  He’d be the ultimate zone-buster on the team as he is the all-time leader in three pointers made (457) and one of the best free-throw shooters at 91.2% for his career.

Lew Alcindor (UCLA)

No wonder he changed his name…Lew?  Anyway, he has the record for most points scored in first career game (56), shot 63.2 percent for his career, is a member of the 2,000/1,000 club, and his teams went 88-2 while he was there…I don’t care what your name is, those are sick numbers.

Lester Hudson (Tennessee-Martin)

I know I said twelve, so Lester will be the manager.  He’s on here because he’s the only Division I NCAA player to ever put up a quadruple-double in a game.  He did it last season (2007-2008) against Central Baptist College and had 25 points, 12 rebounds, 10 assists, and 10 steals…I think it deserves at least a spot on the list.

So after poring over the record books and stat sheets, there they are: the team of 12 college guys that I would say is the greatest ever…unless they matched up against the team with Bill Walton, Julius Erving, Elgin Baylor, Chris Corchiani, Patrick Ewing, Paul Silas, Hersey Hawkins…

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